Monday, August 14, 2006

Not So Bad

Lest anyone think I am a junk food junky or not involved with teaching my kidlets my own values of greater simplicity and creativity, homemade is better and caring for ourselves and the earth, please note several recent projects. Garden stepping stones:

One made by the girl and one by the boy. One each made for a feline we've lost but not forgotten. Both will be placed in a ceremony where we bury the ashes of our beloved Rio and Kitty (formerly known by the adults in her life as Shitty Kitty -- the kids just called her Kitty). Each to be located in a different place in the garden where we think the cat's would have enjoyed lounging in the sun (cheated a bit on these projects as they came in a kit and Grandma L. helped - Thanks Grandma).

I also gathered some extra unwanted apples from a tree outside my office at work and the kids and I turned them into apple sauce and fruit leather. The apple sauce was a wee bit more successful than the leather -- stuck to the wax paper.

Today we ventured out to the vegetable garden to peruse our beans. We're growing both bush beans:

And limas galore! Here's our first lima bean harvest. While it's not much, it's a start and before the season's over we'll probably have enough for one whole meal. Move over Martha, Erma's moving up... with a little help from the kids.

Oh and one last self serving plug for our make-it-ourselves skills... we never buy play dough, we always make our own. Our current batch is a lovely shade of purple made from organic blueberries! Oooooh that reminds me. Off to the back yard to pick some fresh scrumptious blackberries for tonight's dessert - yum. Better than a twinkie any day!  Posted by Picasa

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  1. You take awesome pictures, Mamazuzi!

    Love the stepping stones - they're beautiful!