Thursday, August 10, 2006

What we learn

We go a long way round to come back to ourselves. Why is this true? I can't speak for all mothers by any means but for myself it has been all too true ... that having a baby meant losing myself in the midst of finding so much bliss and beauty and love.

Why do we forget ourselves in the process of becoming someone's mother. Does everyone - or just me? These are the things I ponder lately. I ponder them while meditating (for the first time in years), while knitting and playing with my kids at the park. I ponder it as I meet with other great women to discuss ways to accelerate the Great Turning. If you don't know this term, I hope you will familiarize yourself with it sooner than later (check out a great article on the subject at I've got to go now to ponder who I am, whether or not I'm truly an angry person, how creativity can save my soul and help to better my children's lives and the future of the world. Namaste! Until the next post.

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