Thursday, September 14, 2006

Homemade day

Not sure why... maybe it was the cool crisp edge to the air today or getting the boy back to school, but today was homemade day at our house. First the princess and I made wheat bread from scratch - I left the dough rising when I headed to work and entrusted Daddy to bake it in the oven. Note to readers ... I've never ever made homemade bread from scratch before in my memory!!!

Was inspired yesterday when the girl and I managed to make oat bars (thanks to the Laptop Lunchbox ladies). It was a bit of a comedy of errors. We substituted a few things during our first attempt (syrup for honey, canola oil for walnut oil, oat flour for wheat flour). Sometimes substitutions work great and sometimes (this time included) they don't work so well. But stalwart chefs that we are, we tried again after a jaunt to the store. Voila! With the correct ingredients, the recipe worked like a charm although the kids keep asking when we are going to make them REALLY yummy by adding apples or raisins or carob chips or something. Did I mention I've promised the girl that I'll make us matching cooking aprons someday (hmmm I suppose I should get a working sewing machine before attempting that feat).

Also yesterday, when I was filling time with the boy waiting for princess to finish preschool, we FINALLY found a great vest pattern and some cotton yarn. I knitted much of this while waiting in traffic on the way home from work today. Sometimes there's nothing I love better than a good knit while waiting in traffic.

Got home to yummy bread - YAY! Really can't express how satisfied I feel in being able to make bread and oat bars that my kids will actually eat and being able to knit clothes for them too. The boy is getting a vest and then ... next on my docket is a dress for the girl. After that, I've got 3 baby items to get'a'knitting on... since I've got 3 nieces and/or nephews coming by Spring! Baby, baby, baby, OH baby.


  1. Anonymous9/14/2006

    Glad the bread turned out - looks yummy!

    It does seem to be raining babies lately, doesn't it???

  2. Raining babies - that's a good one. It does seem like there's something in the water or something. If each new baby means God still believes in the world, then we are in extremely good shape. Here's hoping for at least just ONE more really cute and cuddly one due in about say July or August 2007? :-)