Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & spice and everything nice... Isn't that how the old saying goes about little girls? Now I'm SO totally not into gender stereotypes that even writing it down bugs me a bit but today I'd be happy to have just a wee bit more sugar and spice and a little less tobasco sauce splattered on my screen door and less water soaking into the rug in my bathroom... that's MY girl. Gotta love her.


  1. I'll trade you the tabasco sauce for what we have currently. The baby has a cold and has learned to wipe his nose. Unfortunately not on a tissue, but on any available household surface: carpet, chair, vinyl floor, toy....anything will do. He starts to bend down and I shout in a panic, "NOOOOO! Let me get you a tissue!"

  2. Thanks for commenting! Sorry to hear about your current dilemna. I've been a walking kleenex it seems for years. The girl took immediately to the idea of blowing her nose in a tissue, but the boy still pretty much refuses the entire concept.