Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ever since my daughter pulled out my old photo of Bob Geldof and myself at a party, I've been doing a lot of reminiscing. Sure can be fun. Remembering the music, parties, concert after concert, expense accounts, celebrity and more from a time when the most important decision to be made by me was usually what to wear that day or where to go out for dinner, is bringing up interesting pictures in my head.

The silly stories are numerous and tres amusing: riding from Dallas to Houston overnight on a tour bus with the beautiful Baton Rouge boys and their crew, near romantic misses with any number of cute musician boys and men, talking on the phone late at night with Marc Anthony (before he cut his hair and became enormously famous), hanging out with Ozzy and baby Jack in the office or with Joan Jett in the studio... dinner with Michael Hutchence, hanging in the bar with Geldof in L.A., backstage at Saturday Night Live with Living Colour (and Mel Gibson)... frankly it all seems a bit of a dream now. It used to be my life.

Reminiscing brings up a strange mix of emotions. Seeing myself younger makes me feel a bit old but thankfully less naive. It makes me wonder about the whys and the what could have been if I'd stayed in NYC or stayed in the music biz. It is often easy to look back and see only the good, leaving out the less-than-perfect that went with all the glitz and grungy night clubs. It is hard to see your friends as Vice Presidents of major record companies and wonder why things happen as they do. I know some of my friends are still very content in that lifestyle (if you will) but others just want to stay home with their kids but feel trapped in all that their career provides and what their family needs. I am certain I haven't yet explored all I will unearth in this nostalgic journey so I will no doubt share more at some future point.

And while I've been asked about sharing that infamous Geldof photo, I won't. Not cause I'm mean spirited or anything but frankly I looked at it again and neither Bob nor I look at our best. I will however share one of my favorite naive-girl shots back when I was unexplicably and ridiculously in crush for this man:

The first person who can correctly name the musician above and his band affiliation... A) shows their age & B) gets a Starbucks coffee card from yours truly mailed anywhere in the continental United States (I do Starbucks only because they are pretty much everywhere and despite their conglomerate status they give majorly to the Democratic party and other liberal causes).

And now I am off to enjoy the many blessings I have in my life as it is... today. I hope you do the same.


  1. Well...that's hardly fair since his face is half hidden!

    John Taylor?

  2. Oh yeah, band affiliation...Duran Duran

  3. Nope not John Taylor. John Taylor I LOVED earlier in life and was even incredibly close to a double date with although I have yet to figure out what I would have worn! Guess again. There's actually a bit of a hint in the picture but not at all an obvious one.

  4. Well, we've discussed John Taylor before so of course that was my first guess! :-)

  5. Anonymous10/30/2006

    Tom Petersen, Cheap Trick

    Remembering the long drive with you to Poughkeepsie and also the train to Nassau Colleseum.... :)

    Kristin Jiroudek
    PS, No need to send the gift card. Just the smiles are enough for me :)