Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay so I'm now on Ocular Migraine #4! This one was bad - like the first one. You realize you are old when... I've always wondered what might have been different about being a young mother. Hmmm. Anyway I sure wish these things came with a spurt of energy or creativity but instead the bad ones come with exhaustion and an inability to get off the couch. I was surprised I managed a tea party with the girl but had to quickly opt out of the cocoa since chocolate CAN cause these migraines, along with red wine (haven't had for weeks), dark cheeses, stress, dehydration, and a bunch of other odd thingies. Ugh. As if mamahood isn't hard enough without this added treat.

Wanted to play with the girl but just barely managed, wanted to clean house and organize (couldn't), wanted to do the recycling (maybe next week), wanted to finish my bookmarks (nope), did about 3 cards of my current order and managed a healthy dinner (just barely as it was an organic sloppy joe mix, cold mini carrots and applesauce)!

Interestingly, the kids seemed to rise to the occasion and other than a brief hissy-fit about wanting candy, we had a good evening. I even heard a honest and spontaneous "I love you" from the boy to the girl several times! God bless 'em every one. What are your current stresses that add to the mama (or papa) mix?

PS .. the girl's word of the day is "flabbergasted" -- not sure where she came up with that one but she says it well.


  1. My migraines really improved when I started taking iron and magnesium supplements. Did not take them away completely but I've seen a marked improvement. Take care!!!

  2. Stress? Did you say stress? No stress here!

    Yikes. Overlap of winter and spring sports seasons...one set of practices still going, another starting this week. Running here. Running there. Getting kids to bed too late every night of the week.
    The overlap goes through at least 3/10. Laundry? who has time? Clean the bathrooms? hah! Barely time to pick up at 10pm and re-load for the morning.