Sunday, February 25, 2007

In one ear

and out the other?

Probably every mama out there knows the sense of being ignored or just not heard by their little people on more than one occasion. My mother will be thrilled to know that I finally understand why she'd occasionally "talk to the wall" in frustration over our lack of engagement with her... My point here this morning is this:

When you realize by something your children say, that they do sometimes listen when you think they are not... well let's just say it's a good day.

In the other room just moments ago, I heard this from the boy (engaged in playing with his sister):

"We're playing free choice. That way we don't get into fights."

Then he proceeded to try to share with his sister even though she didn't take it well. Savor these moments Mamas -- I know I am mine.

Which reminds me of a wonderful woman who lived across the street when I was growing up in Missouri... She recently wrote to me with her theory of why Mamas love knitting and needlepoint and other such projects and I think her point is right on. Unlike most of mamahood (and dadahood too), most daily mainstays (getting the kids dressed and to school on time, dishes, laundry, homework help)... get done and even if they are done well, have to be done - again and again. She basically said that so much of parenting is intangible and it is nice to have a successful final product to show for a period of time spent (a knit sweater, a needlepoint picture). Of course our most important project is our children but if other hobbies along the way, help us feel good and parent better, more power to us. Knit on (but not at the expense of the children) and occasionally remind them as I do, that they are more important than the hobby!


  1. My children always listen to ME....


    If I put my face right in theirs, nose to nose, and repeat myself..THEN they listen to me!

  2. Well of course they do!