Monday, March 26, 2007

In the garden

Finally got into the garden a bit this weekend for some weeding and early planting. I think the girl is a potential gardener (either that or just a big mess maker who likes to fling dirt around).

She HAD to have her very own gardening gloves (sorry to say ... they are Dora the Explorer) and more flowers than I intended to kick off her little patch of our garden. We finally got them in when the sun came out yesterday along with giving two of our beloved former kitty's their final resting places (ashes) in the back garden under the stepping stones, complete with a mini-ceremony. We think they'll be very happy in the back garden by the hedge where myriad birds hang out and the squirrel runs through. The kids helped to put the ashes into the ground and we talked a little bit about each cat... luckily no one was too grossed out by the bone bits in the ashes and no one asked too many questions, preferring to play with the urn and climb in the tree. We have talked about concepts of dying before, but it is always hard to know just what to say - what they are ready for...

We love you Kitty and Rio (rest in peace).

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