Saturday, March 03, 2007

A mystery

When something goes missing around our house (or once when a piece of the playground equipment went temporarily missing at school), my kids are fond of saying "We've got ourselves a mystery to solve!"

And so, as I look for more signs of Spring in my garden and hope for sunshine (see above), I am also beginning to try more seriously to trace my steps, turning into Ocular Migraine Detective. It is a lot like being a parent.

How you ask? "Simple," I respond.

Whether tracking down the potential sources of a health issue (such as my visual migraines) or the triggers to your child's behavioral issues de jour (bathroom accidents, tantrums, anger etc.), you have to play detective.

In either case you are looking back before the event to attempt to ascertain what may have set it off... was it lack of sleep, not enough food and/or water consumed, other stresses at home, work or at school that could be contributing or fanning the flames...?

In the case of the boy melting down on multiple occasions last evening, I concluded it was most likely a long week, not enough sleep, needing more food in his system and overstimulation (needing some down time alone), that triggered the tears.

In my case, well... let's just say I'm still working on it. I have only been writing down the dates of my multiple migraines and thinking briefly about what I may have eaten the day or night before. Now that I'm having these ocular who-ha's more than once a week, I'm feeling the need to step up my investigation. Watch out CSI... (which I do not watch), our house is soon to be the OMSI -- no I don't mean Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I am entering the Ocular Migraine Scene Investigation Zone!

Here goes... last night grumpy and stressed out due to yet ANOTHER COLD - ugh. Had a little white wine (not red). Ate soup with LOTS of garlic. Took my normal medications plus Nyquil and a swig of cough medicine to get through the night. Another half-dose of Dayquil and iced coffee to get through the morning and voila - ocular migraine #6. Hmmmm. I'm not seeing a pattern yet but I'm starting my OMSI notebook today.

Hope your day is better and your vision clear! Happy Saturday.
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  1. You got a cold too? I thought it was weird that I was coughing so much yesterday. By the time I got home last night, it was full blown. I blame hubby...he's been sick all week!

    I sure hope you figure out what's causing those migraines!

  2. Ahhh something else to blame hubbie about... maybe he should have to buy us both some GOOD soup! I felt it coming on Thursday evening after work and then couldn't find my Airborne (of course as soon as I bought some in the a.m., then I found the other box)... but by then it was too late. Was sneezy yesterday morning and now achy and tickly throat etc. Here's hoping we can minimize these nasty colds and get on with life!