Monday, March 05, 2007

Random thoughts

It is Monday morning, just about time to go to work, and all I can muster is a bunch of random thoughts:

  • Want more sunshine,
  • Want to start planting some spring flowers,
  • It is hard to adjust to a new schedule,
  • Spring is coming,
  • I love my kids and family,
  • I've got some herbs and an exercise video to buy,
  • When am I going to buy something on Etsy,
  • What to get for my best friend and brother's birthdays?
  • What to do for a 7-year old's birthday?
  • Broken water heaters and colds mess with cleaning schedules,
  • Gotta get groceries,
  • I like local politics better than national,
  • I will get organized this year - somehow,
  • Need more coffee, then green tea and water!
  • Need to organize my list of ways we work toward sustainability around here...


  1. Woman that's a lot of thinking going on for a Monday morning. All my brain could muster was "take a shower and get to work".

  2. I'm with her... and I barely got that "get to work" part!

  3. And just imagine... this is pretty much my brain all the time.