Sunday, April 01, 2007

And then there were 3

Well... not sure how to put this other than straight out: Against all odds there's gonna be a 3rd baby in our future.... Pardon me while I go freak out for awhile. What are we gonna do? I may have to take a bit of a blog break while my head explodes.

PS - O.k. well it was April Fool's Day and despite my best efforts I only fooled 3 people (at least those who spoke up) for a few minutes. There is a 3rd baby coming our way but it is going to be our 3rd niece and so NO I AM NOT PREGNANT - whew.

Happy April!


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  2. 3 is terrific!

    Good April Fools joke, though. Our eldest loves this day. She taped tp together and gave me a "diamond pin"...make that a dime and pin (safety pin).

  3. You fooled me! I completely forgot about Fool's Day until I heard a radio dj talk about it this morning. Guess that explains why the cats missed the litter box, ha ha!

  4. I'm sure 3 is great but I can barely handle 2 so I wouldn't want to throw another into the mix ... nieces are just fine thank you!