Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breakfast of champions

Otherwise known as leftover oatmeal from the kids' breakfast... perfect for a Mama on the run! What was on your breakfast table this morning (I could use some new ideas :-)


  1. Frosted Cheerios and a banana.

    Maybe it's a good thing we don't have kids - we're horrible examples!

  2. For me it was half a grapefruit (with turbinado sugar on top), an asian pear and a bowl of some healthy cereal with rice milk. The latter was eaten on my walk to the bus stop. I just added fruit to my veggie delivery to try to get myself to be more adventurous (I like veggies way more than fruit). So far (meaning the one meal I've had since receiving the delivery) it has been successful.

    Of course I would have preferred two donuts from VooDoo Donut.

  3. Jesse toasts up breakfast sandwiches for the kids in the sandwich maker. They love the ham, egg and cheese(Elaine close your eyes) all warm and toasty together. He also cuts up corn tortillas into little squares with onion and garlic, sautes them then adds scrambled eggs so it's a soft and crispy dish. You can add cheese and salsa if you'd like.
    I only hear about these wonderful breakfasts since I'm usually at work with my bagel. If I'm lucky I get malt-o-meal too.

  4. Norma, make room at your table - we're coming over for breakfast!

  5. I am all about the cereal! Today it was grape nuts flakes and skim milk.

    When I go to work(early in the morning) I leave here with my coffee, and at my first break have the cereal and milk I have packed! Love it!

    On weekends I indulge myself with good old Malt o meal and buttery toast.

  6. This is totally unhealthy, but pancakes. We make a double batch on my day off and freeze the extras. I put pecans in mine. The kids' are either plain or chocolate chip.

    My oldest discovered she liked the hard boiled eggs from Easter. That was weird. Could my picky one be branching out??? I can only hope!!

  7. Come on over Karen. :)

  8. Trust me Norma...I have been known to make a similar breakfast from vegan ingredients!

    I'm not all fruit and healthy stuff, hee hee.