Thursday, April 12, 2007

Young love

O.K. who can remember back to their first real crush? I honestly can't. I can remember the first person I kissed romantically (I think) and the first person I slept with but I only have a vague remembrance of a boy bringing me a reindeer pin for my birthday party I think when I was in kindergarten (I went to several different schools that year so I'm a little vague). Whether or not I actually had a crush on him is out there somewhere in the memory ether which I can't quite get back.

Regardless... for some reason I was shocked to discover recently that my baby boy appeared to have his first crush (I hope he won't be mad at me someday for writing some of this down... I hope he might be thankful to have a record of it somewhere but time will tell). Now his best friend for over a year is a girl and he's talked in the past about marrying her (but then again he's also talked of marrying me and his sister too). However, when I heard him talking about this girl (a 2nd grader mind you), my mother's intuition told me it was different. Also when he asked me to come to school and then dissed me at lunch to sit with her, I kinda figured it out.
Interestingly I've gone through a gamut of emotions if truth be told. At first I was worried that these girls (the girl in question and her friends who were having my boy chase them and kiss them too) were just using him and would throw him away sooner than soon. Then when the poor girl was nervous around me, I felt dislike... flash forward to what happens if I feel my son is being taken away from me by some woman I don't approve of... hmmm.

Then I realized this is a 7-year old girl. Just like me when I was her age, she may well be shy (and not disdainful as my own baggage might point to). I also confess that my heart has melted on several occasions around the Mama/son dialogues we've been having:

  1. Upon telling the boy about my many crushes earlier in life, he responds with an emphatic "BEFORE DAD?????!!!!!!! NO WAY!" Oops for a split second I had forgotten that I'd come out of the womb, had a few birthdays and then fell hopelessly in love with the man I would marry (who I wouldn't actually meet for way too many years to count!),

  2. When I say to my baby boy, "Well make sure she treats you right." He counters, "Well ... she always has." Yup for that entire week! In 1st/2nd grade time, that's an eternity.

  3. When I find out from another parent randomly that my boy's crush is in fact mutual! There's a little girl out there with a crush on my boy - I can't spell it but I'm faklempt.

  4. And when my hubbie calls me at work to share a recent boy/dad conversation, including that said boy (who I sometimes worry isn't empathetic enough) wanted to cheer up his crush and told her he'd save up his money to buy her some candy (which apparently cheered her right up and she chipped in a $1.00 toward the cause).

Oh my gosh - I love my boy. And how cute is all this crush stuff? WAY CUTE that's what. Working on setting up a play date soon :-)

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  1. Ah, first love. Too cute.

    Mine was a kid named Joshua, in the first grade. I had this big owie (I don't even remember why) at the top of my nose, right between my eyes, and I kept picking at it so my mom made me wear a bandaid over it. At the same time, there was this serial killer running around who had a bandaid in the same place - they called him the I-5 Bandit, and so that's what the kids called me. But not Joshua - he was always nice. Let me swing next to him, included me in the games, and never teased me.

    I don't think I ever kissed him or anything, but he was definitely my first crush!