Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pride on a rainy day

Although pride cometh before a fall, it also cometh after doing something well (or your kids doing so). As a mama, I notice that while lots of parents are capable of showing great pride in their kids -- who are able to express how proud they are when their children make a painting, tie their own shoe, get dressed on their own or whatever it may be, they may well struggle with being proud -- of themselves.

For me, it has been one of those kind of weeks when the reality of life has hit me hard. Suddenly faced with adult friends whose nephews, fathers and/or children are sick and their lives hanging in the balance... you realize just how lucky you are, just how trivial so much we worry and get frustrated about really is. Life begins to come back clearly into view for the gift it truly is and you take it for granted just a little bit (or a lot) less. Part of that is seeing our kids more clearly, seeing what they do well more clearly too and forgiving more of the rest.

As I hope and pray for the best possible outcomes for all the families struggling with the situations above, I notice more pride in my own children. I noticed their charming time on the way to school yesterday where they came together to construct a story about the princess (my daughter of course) being saved by multiple super heroes including Black Spider Man (my son) from the evil ogre and his apparent sidekick, President Bush. I kid you not!

I take pride in the fact that they behaved well for the babysitter (a close family friend) and even shared their ice cream with each other. The boy even tried to take it a step further. He told his Dad before bed: "I planned on saving some of the ice cream for you Dad, but it looked so yummy that I forgot."

This morning was a dream come true. The girl got some sparkly new underwear and therefore laid out her day's outfit the night before (including said sparkle-fabulous undergarment). The children raced each other to get dressed this morning and spent much of the rest of the time throwing each other kisses (we decided they tasted like mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream).

Being proud of my kids is part and parcel of being proud of myself and my family. Without mama and papa emphasizing the positive and downplaying the negative and trying again and again with different ways to be and to care for our young ones, we wouldn't be in a good space - we'd be struggling instead. But today, I am proud of all of us because our floors are pretty clean, our kids are beginning to sleep in their own beds and we are for the most part getting along. My advice for parents and other caregivers on this rainy NW day if you choose to take it, is this... be proud of your kids and be proud of your part in helping them be the best they can be. And no matter how much pride or frustration you may be feeling, remember to hug them, kiss them and love them for who they are (and who you are too)!


  1. That was a beautiful post,

  2. Thanks kbeeps. I felt I needed to say it. Hope you are well.