Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sleeping beauty

Update: Leave it to Karen to figure out my mistake. O.K. so it is indeed Snow White but she does eat a poisoned apple and fall asleep or was that die? Hmmm. Anyway. All goes to show just how tired I am without enough sleep. And now for what was my post...

This is a sleeping beauty costume (revised: Snow White). Not too expensive, a little annoying but cute in its own way. My girlie was going to wear it. That's why I bought it. Mind you it wasn't very expensive and I would have been pretty much done with her outfit for the big day. I suppose that is why I bought it even though it is an annoying princess character in another of the many scary sappy Disney princess stories.

But lest you worry that I've succumbed to the evils of commercialism and princessism, the girl shortly after purchasing and trying on (at home in such a way as to be unable to return it) the aforementioned princess gown, decided unequivocally that she was going to be A BLACK CAT!

I confess however that the boy is going to bow to commercialism long enough to be BATMAN. Luckily he will portray the superhero in an outfit which cost all of $1.00 (GoodWill gave us a discount on the original $3.00 price). The mask cost more than the clothes - at all of I think $3.00! The cape is being borrowed from a good friend (thank you Norma and son)!

And now to throw a loop in this entire discussion of all things Halloween-ee, I just want to kick us back up to the topic of Sleeping Beauty and well... sleep. Around our house, I'm beginning to think the only way I'll ever get a decent night's sleep, other than to stay at a hotel sans children, is to pay a wicked witch to come feed a poisoned apple to my two little munchkins. Now of course I wouldn't do that, even if I could find a wicked witch for hire.

But I do confess to a sincere desire for real sleep and to confusion over whether my kids actually have sleep issues (they've almost never ever slept through an entire night -- with rare exception). Our kidlets may just be reaping the lack-of-sleep benefits that come with one parent that sleeps a bit too soundly and one who sleeps too lightly.

Funny thing is that it has taken us forever to get them sleeping in their own beds, which they do every night now (at least until about 3:00 a.m. or so ). But when I started talking to them tonight and threw in a good old-fashioned bribe for the one (or to be honest each) who stays in their bed A*L*L N*I*G*H*T L*O*N*G.... please God... they got excited. Hmmm. Could it be true? Could we really lead them down this path? The boy even started to make a nighttime rules list but we decided to hold off on the discussion of details until tomorrow during the day. And we shall...because that list is sitting front and center right in the middle of our dining room table and should make excellent Friday morning breakfast conversation.
What's the topic of conversation at your breakfast table this Friday morning going to be? And don't tell me you'll still be sleeping 'cause I don't want to hear it! Happy Friday.


  1. That looks more like Snow White than Sleeping Beauty! Weird.

    Don't mind me, I'm just the Snow White fanatic among my friends. I even do a pretty good imitation of her annoying warbly singing voice when I've had a few too many.

    As for weekday breakfast conversation...we don't have any! I make hubby's lunch while he's eating and running out the door. Our conversations are generally about how annoying the commercials during the news are...

  2. I'm at work during the breakfast talk but I guarantee that this AM it will be about Ben's birthday. He's 8 today! Happy Birthday son~

  3. Happy birthday Ben!

  4. Yep, Snow White ate the poisoned apple and died, but not really, as she was revived by true love's kiss.

    Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on the spinning wheel and went to sleep, only to be revived by true love's kiss...

    Sensing a theme here?

  5. Ah yes the theme... true love by some wandering prince guy they don't even know. Great message. In our house version, I think the recurring theme needs to be that my beauties are only woken up by the sound of an alarm saying YES you can awaken now -- it's 7am!

  6. Thanks Karen and thanks Mama for the song. :)

  7. I have 3 (mostly) through the night sleepers! Yay!

    I had a Batman wannabe, too. We searched high and low for a Batman costume, but alas none to be found! At Target, our store of last resort, the would-be Batman saw Tigger/Tiger jammies and went crazy. So, we have jammies for the winter and a costume for Wednesday night.

    Looking forward to the loot. My kids know how to hand over those Almond Joy bars, thank you!