Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eek pictures of me! Why?

O.K. I HATE pictures of myself generally. You may have surmised that given my blog photo is well let's say awhile ago.

And so you will realize just how painful it is for me to post these more current photos of myself but I'm just wondering what other people think. I have pretty always hated my hair and now I am faced with a dilemna (the answer to which my children are not useful in coming to). First the girl was all about me keeping my hair cut short, her brother was adamantly opposed preferring the old longer hairdo. Now they've reversed. As of this morning, the girl wants to be able to play with my old longer hair and the boy has decided quite suddenly that he prefers it short. Hmph.

Anyway... Do most people prefer:

Option A

Or Option B:
Now realize that I will flip flop 100 times no matter what anyone says and come to my own conclusions but if you've got an opinion, here's your chance to throw it my way (keep it nice :-)). And thank you to my wonderful photographer (the boy) who is one of the rare few who almost always gets a picture of me I can stomach!

And if it helps to figure into your decision (or only complicates matters).

A: Know that I cannot leave the house in Option A/short do unless I use my straightening blow dryer which I then use several times during the day and god forbid it rains on me!

B: I more often than not have ended up pulling my hair back with this do cause my hair was too big or frizzy or something just didn't seem right but I don't have to blow dry it or curl it or straighten etc. Rain be damned.


  1. Belinda2/27/2008

    I think A is very glam and sleek, but I am a big fan of easy, esp. with kids around. B is fun and cute, and of course, simple. If A is too fussy, save it for a couple years from now when the kids aren't as mama-needy and you're lookin' for something to do with your hands!

  2. PS... a dear friend of mine from way back didn't want to post here but essentially said she votes for B cause she is all about being ourselves and being happy with ourselves... especially as role models for our girls. She makes a good point. Of course she has always had lovely hair that I coveted but I digress... ;-)

  3. Well, I'm not going to be any help at all because I really like it BOTH ways.

    I secretly suspect, however, that you prefer the "easier to manage" option...

  4. Anonymous2/27/2008

    Both look great on you! But for now I'm voting for B, it's new and hip and cool! You know I've always been jealous of your curls (me having virtually none)! : )


  5. Frankly, I like it a bit longer -- not too long, but the "B" length is good.

    In all fairness, though, it's largely because the Option B photo looks EXACTLY like my college roommate. (Weird, huh.)

    But, I say... longer. Fer what it's worth.


  6. the "B" girl looks exactly the same as she did wrangling STP and Cheap Trick in the '90s. kids haven't aged you at all, which just seems wrong somehow.

  7. I don't understand why you straighten your hair in do:A. What's the point? You have great curly curly and short! I think that would be awesome on you. Actually I think you should cut it shorter!!! :)

    BUT I really do love your longer do:B too. Either way is good for you. :)

  8. Well to answer Norma as to curly and short... I straighten because otherwise I look like a poodle and I HATE that!

  9. Anonymous2/29/2008

    Speaking as if I were a relative (which incidently I am...Jame's sister if you don't know off of the top of your head) I vote for the easy curly do. I too have curly hair and spent years and years blow drying the curl out and now have decided to embrace what nature bequethed to me. (okay, 4 kids and 2 jobs might have a little bit to do with that, but I digress) I vote you just wash it and put some curl solution in it then after it air dries you can finger comb it to soften the curls without ending up with a frizzy head of hair. (the curls must be a gentic thing since I think we have the same head of hair only yours is a bit more curly)

  10. Trying to see if I can get Google to let me post a comment under my own name rather than anonymous...hopefully this one will work.

  11. Elizabeth3/03/2008

    This is the first time at your blog and I'm enjoying it and while both pictures look great, I think B looks super-great. Hip. Fun. Cute. I like it a lot.

  12. I have hair just like yours. Call Mimi at Villa Villa Kula on 28th and Everett and she'll fix you right up! No frizzies, no straightening -- always looking great with no work.

  13. Wow... mamashift. Thanks for the recommendation. Are you currently in Europe or over on our side of the pond?