Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stealthy Mama Malt-o-Trick

The boy eats his bowl of extra healthy Malt-o-Meal (below) while overseeing his Mama's work on a school auction project.

Stealthy Mama Trick # 1 zillion and 3 (well maybe not that many but hey who is keeping count?):

When the boy asked for Malt-o-Meal for breakfast yesterday morning, I decided for some odd reason (to get more calcium into a boy who refuses to drink milk) to make it with milk rather than water. To my amazement the boy actually ate it without comment... which translates into ... he didn't realize what his stealthy mama did. :-)


  1. Yummmmmmm Malt-o-Meal made with milk is the BEST! So's oatmeal. Only way I'll eat that!

  2. I've never had it without milk. I can't imagine. Milk baby!!

    You look busy with the auction there. :)