Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ix-nay on the news-ay

O.K. I'm supposed to look at the news (at least local and some national too) as part of my job in marketing for a non-profit but I got to tell you... after the past few days/weeks - I got to take a break.

I'm beginning to think everyone is crazy out there and horrible and bad. I know we're not all that way and actually most people are decent humans, but too much news consumption eats away at my brain and makes the world look big and downright ugly. Thanks news media!

Anyway... there's a million things that could be said for and against our news coverage, whether local, national or international, but this Mama needs a break. Taking CNN off my favorites list for awhile. I need to focus on the more local good things going on in school classrooms, gardens, playgrounds, in my own home and with friends.

How do you find the balance or do you read it/watch it all? Do you limit your TV news or absorb the local newspaper? What works for you to keep it all in perspective?


  1. We watch the morning news while hubby eats breakfast every morning, so I catch 15 minutes or so while I make his lunch.

    Other than that, I scan the headlines, read the stuff that looks interesting...I don't delve too deeply into national or world affairs, it's too depressing. I'd much rather connect on a personal level with some of my internet friends around the world to see what's happening in their realms.