Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thinking about birthdays!

I was at the grocery store the other day and thought about picking up a birthday card for my little brother (soon to be 30-something) but then thought to myself that I should surely make him one of my photo cards instead. And I will... problem is that that takes time and well I'm gonna be late. I'd better get to work. I've got my brother, my best friend, my twin nieces (turning 1) and my son (turning 8) all birthdaying it up this March.

For the boy (who finally got to attend his first ever pro-basketball game this week -- THANK YOU UNCLES CRAIG & MATT!!!), he is looking forward to a family basketball birthday.

With all this thinking about birthdays and age, I'm realizing my own mortality. Now it isn't necessarily as bad as that sounds. Given that these days, my limited years could be 20 something or 40 something (more likely) or even more than that. But all this middle age stuff has gotten me to thinking about what I want my kids to see in me and in my life. Of course a calm parent (still working on that), lots of love and unconditional pride and joy in them (I think I've got this one pretty well covered) and well... I'd like to give them the gift which is not only my time but an inspired reinvigorated Mama - one who is enthusiastic about life (not just theirs) and going after goals, doing something she is passionate about. Sounds good. But now I've got to grapple with just what that may be and how do I get there (likely school is involved which I have no problem with but it requires $$$ and time). I was going to take a "What is your life's mission" kind of a workshop this weekend but then we got a free weekend away handed to us... gotta take that. So now I'm looking for alternate paths to figuring out my latter life future. Suggestions welcome. I've done the what color is your parachute and all that ages ago and still have those books (or the updated versions of them anyway).

Well... I've got to take a break from trying to figure out my future to make my boy his lunch and finish getting dressed and ready to head to 2nd grade where I'm planning on doing a couple of volunteer hours. Bless my boy he says I should get a job at his school "cause well you are good with kids AND because I want you to be there with me." I think it is mostly the latter (which I'll happily take cause I know that ain't gonna last forever). Who feels inspired or knows someone who is in their latter life? If you know an inspiring story - share.


  1. Oh I'm looking forward to your process. This may inspire me but I don't want to go to school. Homework is not appealing to me at all. Keep us posted please. Love this picture!!

  2. This is a birthday related comment...we had friends birthday and mother in laws 75th Saturday. Today 12 year old with friends birthday, tomorrow actual 12 year old birthday, I better get wrapping!

  3. Reading through old posts...after a very, very trying morning (I'm hiding).

    I ordered Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation.

    Once I read it I'll let you know if it was helpful.

  4. Damn! I just this minute got a job I don't want (translation). And can't really tell them, oh well thanks, but I didn't really want it.