Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's already Tuesday

Yesterday was Manic (as expected) dealing with the bureaucracy which is the public school district.

Today is indeed Tuesday, but will it be Terrific - hard to say? We do know that:
  1. The girl was accepted into our school of choice (although she's clearly not ready to deal with kindergarten yet -- there's more preschool to be had),
  2. The boy is finally going to get some support around sensory issues and see if it helps,
  3. I'm theoretically lucky to have so many skills I can hopefully utilize to make some extra income, including copywriting (press releases, band bios, etc.), layout work (brochures, newsletters), administrative skills (typing or data entry anyone?) and of course photography (especially affordable kid portraits but other things too... a friend and I once did a little real estate work -- photographed the outside of a house)!
With recession being debated daily, gas/grocery prices rising and the summer (sans school) looming in the not-too-distant future, what is making your household or life either manic or terrific?

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  1. Anonymous4/29/2008

    It's ONLY Tuesday?? And...it's ALREADY tuesday! either way ...ack!

    Hubby had a terrific art meeting today, yay!

    Two boys had a terrific mornng, getting ready for school, PLUS free cone day at Ben and Jerry's.

    and a terrific field trip, older son held a chicken!

    I had forgotten the power of animals for children such as my eldest.

    All around terrific!