Sunday, April 27, 2008

ReSolution Sunday

This week I resolve to:
  • Stop and smell the roses (or watch the hummingbirds in our yard),
  • Begin implementing the ideas from the Spirited Child book we read,
  • Keep reading the cognitive behavioral therapy book I picked up,
  • Exercise occasionally (I did a long walk the other day),
  • Keep up with the naturopathic remedies I've begun,
  • Look further into a website so I can get freelance administrative work such as resumes, papers, bios, newsletters, brochures, press releases, photography and the like.
And you?


  1. Questions: 1.Can I get some notecards with the top hummingbird picture on them? I can't remember how many you used to sell in a pack.
    2.Did you go see your naturopath doctor?

    Today I split wood with Jesse from 9:30am-6:45pm. 3-4 cords. Love that we did something physical so long and that we now have all this free wood.
    Resolutions: Start working on my quilt. Don't join any swaps until I get this finished. Also want to do some more tiling in our bathroom.

  2. Wow... 3-4 cords - you two will probably be tired and sore tonight and sleep well! Good for you.

    Everybody's quilting these days - another lost art for me. I did one long ago for an art project in college but my little bro confiscated it from me and never gave it back!

    Yes I went to the naturopath and I go back this next week.

    Yes I have to look and see if I have enough supplies and funds to pull together a pack of cards but probably you can have one.