Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What next?

O.K. so I'm totally bummed that just about nobody whose blog I've been regularly reading is ... well ... blogging (including me)!

Now I am upset because it just might force me to get off the computer and back into life (the dirty dishes, the bills to be paid, the bedtime lists to be made, etc.). But since I can't make other people blog if they don't want to or can't find the inspiration or time, well I am going to try a little trick to get myself to blog a bit more often and see if it works.

I'm going with the days of the week and themes to go with each day:

  • MANIC MONDAY (what makes your life crazier than you'd like it to be?)
  • TERRIFIC TUESDAY (what is working in your life?)
  • WHAT I'D LIKE WEDNESDAY (dream big baby)
  • THANKFUL THURSDAY (gotta remember)
  • FIND THE TIME FRIDAY (one thing I'm gonna do for me)
  • RESOLUTION SUNDAY (I know it doesn't have alliteration but who cares?)


  1. Hey, now. I resent that. I've posted something on either Naked Chicken, The Chron or MySpace every day for the past two weeks.


    And still it fails to satisfy. :)


  2. Catherine I don't know you but that was a pretty darn funny post.

    I haven't posted because my son has our laptop. I'll give you his phone number and you can call him and speak to you. He's not listening to me. Maybe he'll listen to you. :) I'll be back soon. I promise. I have lots to write about even though it's nothing important. At least I can get the babble out of me. :)