Monday, May 05, 2008

No Fair - Really!

For all of us oldest siblings (that's me above, oldest on the left) who love our younger sibs (that's my baby bro above, youngest on the right) but have always felt we were somehow treated less fairly... we finally have scientific proof (we were right all along)! Hmpf!

Now for those of us who have our own kids, are we doing the same thing to our young ones or have we somehow bucked this national trend? Is our oldest showing signs of being the more responsible one (if they have any brothers or sisters) or not? Mine currently is, but will it continue?

Were you a 1st born or a younger sib? How did it play out for you as a sibling and/or a parent?


  1. First born, but raised as an only child -- my sisters were raised in a home together and hate each other. So I had the best of both worlds in a way. ~A~

  2. Youngest & so is my man. My sister has received income from my parents all her years where I've only received gift money so that theory is out the door with us. With my brother though, it is true to the article. Now with Maya and Ben, Ben is more responsible in the money are & with chores while Maya does get the scoldings that she knows and should not give in to some of the things she does because of it. And this is totally true but with us having wo families rather then the number of kids.
    "By the time the second and third kids come around, many parents lighten up, and realize that they probably overreacted a little with setting rules for their first kid". We definitely lightened up on what was priority with the second half. Partly because now we knew better and partly becase we are older and don't have the energy to pick at every detail. :)

  3. Anonymous5/06/2008

    OK, figure this one out....

    I am 5th of 6 children, but the only girl! Guess who had most of the responsibilities around the house????


  4. Not commenting on the birth order thing, but just had to say you really look like your dad in your baby picture!

  5. h sofia5/14/2008

    Hubby and I are both the oldest children, and we fit the stereotypes to a real T. I keep thinking about how we're going to raise our daughter. I'm afraid if she's an only child, she'll be totally indulged. So we're planning on having another and/or adopting within a few years. I don't know if we'll be able to break the pattern of expecting more from the first child. I think we'll try to make sure we model how to communicate so that if she feels put-upon, she'll let us know.