Friday, May 23, 2008


Sorry to have been so silent of late but sometimes it is just what one needs to do. I don't know about anyone else but there are definitely times in my parenting life when things just get a little "too much" with too many things to be dealing with and my brain is so busy dealing with all the little and big details that I can't process or formulate my thoughts about what is happening.

Needless to say we've been busy with job searching, finishing up the preschool years, dealing with sensory integration issues and other behavioral stresses that may or may not naturally come from all of the above. And may I just say how completely messed up medical insurance/health care really is in this country! Throw out tons of dollars and get very little if any care for your expense... beyond frustrating.

Who knew that on top of being a parent/teacher/chef/maid, etc. we would also have to be detectives ever vigilant trying to piece together all the many symptoms and issues our kids display and decipher in which direction to then go to best support them in their growth and success? The next big reality show should be Parenting CSI (Childhood Scene Investigation). Are the tantrums just the developmental stage but a bit more intense due to Daddy being home all the time and Mommy's schedule being changed around? Is the fear of bugs just a blip on the radar screen, a bigger issue related to sensory process disorder or the onset of a potential obsessive disorder? How long do you wait to seek supports and then in which direction do you go?

I am hopeful that within a few months although we will have lots of changes (the start of kindergarten, moving upstairs to 3rd grade, Dad finally graduating), things will sort out a bit and we'll move forward with a plan toward some sort of success. For those parents, along with myself, in a bit of a current struggly patch, hang in there and keep looking for those clues. A wise internet associate recently sent me a reassuring note and quoted a psychologist who had this to say, "This is a process and it is proceeding. The answers are coming." Amen to that!

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