Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crying time

I walked my daughter to her very last day of summer preschool yesterday. A lovely little walk just the two of us... where we get to talk about life and I get to practice my patience and she gets to check out EVERYTHING along the way. No more preschool. My baby is growing up. Kindergarten is right around the corner. I did not cry.
Last night I ordered my baby girl a new pink cover for her lunch box (that she'll need now that she is going to have to eat lunch at school). I wanted her to be half day but it just isn't going to work out that way.. I hit the order process button... I did not cry.
I see the end of summer coming and I kind of don't want it to end. We've had an imperfect summer but a good one nonetheless with lots of time for everyone to be together and have some fun. I think I'll miss the summer when the school year grind gets going, and yet thus far I have not cried.
So far I seem to be taking this "my baby is going to kindergarten" thing in pretty good stride.
In a few weeks, however, when I have to drop her off and not pick her up again until some 6 hours later, I think I just might cry.


  1. New job? That's great!
    You go on and cry when you drop her off at kindergarten. I plan to be a big ole weepy mess when my baby goes next year.

    When Anne went, she didn't turn around or wave or anything. I imagine he'll be the same. Such a happy kid and he can't wait to ride the big kid bus.

  2. Ahh, love it.

    New job!!! Yay for you guys!