Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Sometimes our kids surprise us -- and how we react can make a world of difference.

When our little bundles of joy come to us, we can try all we want but likely we have some expectations for who they are going to be, what they are going to like, the way they are going to be in the world. Sometimes we'll be close or even right, but often we will be as surprised and in awe.As parents, there are always good surprises such as our kids not asking for television for the entire summer break pretty much - phenomenal stuff believe me.Sometimes there are not so great surprises ... broken elbows, unexpected rage or seemingly unexplainable anxieties.

But what I love best as a parent are those surprises about who our kids are in the world that bring us along for the ride, for the discovery.
What am I talking about? I am rambling on about things such as my son's incredible love of sports -- I often say if there is a ball involved, my boy will be there and ready to play (although that does leave out hockey)! And that love of sports has actually pulled me in to the point that I, along with our entire family and a close family friend, watched EVERY GAME of the NBA playoffs this year, rooting for the Celtics and reveling in their victory. IT WAS FUN!

And my girl, well she is a wonder in her own right. I've grown used to her coming up with rhymes and songs for just about every occasion and on every possible topic (her stories and dances are quite clever as well). And I often remark that she somehow through osmosis got some "Missourian" in her because her mantra is truly "Show Me!" But even I was surprised when she badgered me to the point where we did indeed together dig up Cinderella Ballerina - extra points if you can remember her!

And what did we find on our scientific exploration - a skull! A little yucky yes but interesting, intriguing and enlightening - yes to that too.

Do you see those teeth? Amazing stuff trying to decipher and explain just what is happening to our beloved friend the squirrel.

Our children will always be parts of us and yet their own people too and it is nice on a muggy warm Summer's evening to revel in just who they are. Happy July - hope it is treating you well.

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