Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Soup

It is fall -- almost winter. There is a chill in the air and the leaves have all but fallen. We've had the first fire in the fireplace and tonight I was feeling like soup (well not me but rather feeling like eating some). I'd love to be a gourmet cook or at least a from scratch kinda mama but generally it doesn't happen. So I was proud of myself to have made not only oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but also from scratch vegetable alphabet soup. I sent the boys out to get some delicious crusty bread and make a meal of it. It was good (bland enough that the kids should like it) but of course they still complained while eating about half a small bowl. I should see it coming and expect it but alas I'm always the optimist hoping for them to love my homemade creations. Oh well... I added a little garlic and red pepper flakes to my bowl and it was fantastic.
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  1. it's soup weather for sure. Looks yummy to me.

  2. it's soup weather for sure. Looks yummy to me.

  3. At our house it's chili. Yum. Mean mommy that I am, I put discernible bits of onion in it. (EWWWW!)The boy spit them all out. And he's 11. His favorit lunch at school is hot wings. Shouldn't he be able to tolerate a few bits of onion????