Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mama mortality

With all the recent celebrity deaths and the custody hearings for Michael Jackson's children in the news headlines, it is hard as someone over 40 not to think about one's own mortality.

I think that one of the hardest things about becoming a parent is caring about being alive in an entirely different way. While it would be beyond bearable for a parent to have to live through losing one's child, for me it is painful to consider not being here for my children until they are themselves adults and of course missing so much of their lives.

And so when you see celebrities or know people in your own life who pass away too soon, it is hard not to think about your own mortality. When you get a call to do your mammogram over again, it is hard not to jump to hopefully temporary conclusions. It is hard not to worry.

But most likely, just as the broken down van ended up only needing a $25 repair despite worries of a bill in the hundreds or thousands, so too I will most likely get a clean bill of health after a weekend of worrying and trying not to... but it does give you pause to think. It will likely seem silly in just a couple of days but if it doesn't, my plan is to be a survivor if I get any say in the matter.


  1. All clear - not that anyone is reading this blog anymore.

  2. I had a re-do once, a couple of years ago. Also all clear.