Monday, March 21, 2011

Give the girl a cookbook, and she makes chicken nuggets

One nice thing about my office is that people leave perfectly good items they don't want in the break room for others to have. Today when I went in to get my coffee, I came out with that along with a Kids Cookbook. 

Lucky for me, being Spring Break and all, the girl is looking for projects (but truth be told this particular girl is ALWAYS looking for projects... even minutes before bed!!!). She started to look through the book for dinners she could make and voila tonight she is making Golden Chicken nuggets. The beauty of this book is that basically there are 3 steps to every recipe! 

I admit we helped a bit. Dad thawed the chicken. I did the last bits of chicken cutting and rolling the nuggets in the fried onion mixture, but the rest was all our girl! It may not be boeuf bourguignon but it is a start. Next up... how to get my boy to cook something other than microwave popcorn!

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