Saturday, September 03, 2011

What the purple blooms are saying...

If you have followed this blog for awhile, then you will know what these purple blooms signify. 
It is indeed that time of year again - back to school time. 

This year the blooms, and time of year, bring a mixture of emotions for me. I am sad to see the freedom of summer go but not the costs of regular weekly childcare and the heat. I am going to miss my regular 4-day weekends and time spent reading in the sun with a glass of wine. 

I am at the same time looking forward to seeing people from school more frequently and getting into a routine. I am looking forward to a cool down to less hot weather. I will be thankful not be be told a zillion times a day that I MUST get into the backyard pool with my daughter (it will be taken down in a few days time). 

I am excited for the possibilities that middle school (OMG is he really there already) and 3rd grade bring to my children. I am hoping it will be an amazing year of growth, learning and fun for them both and for us as a family. 

Happy Back to School People. It is time! The purple flowers tell me so. :-)


  1. Lovely photo...bittersweet observations. Absolutely spot on!

  2. Thanks Suzanne. It truly is a bittersweet time of year. Loving your blog but haven't had much to comment.