Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What a Shot Wednesday - Late Start Edition

Hey there peeps, 

I have gotten out of the every day blogging habit and for that I apologize. I am trying to post more regularly but am not sure just how quickly I can get back to almost every day. 

Luckily today is a "Late Start" day for my children at school which allows me a little extra time at home this morning. It's not only late start Wednesday, but also "What a Shot!" So here is my own "What a Shot": 

Taken in Florence, Oregon recently, it is one corner of our motel room's deck. I just love finding the beauty in ordinary places and objects. Here a simple wood deck becomes a vision of contrast and warmth, texture and geometric shapes. 

As for other photos I'm loving this week, look at this one I found on Stumbleupon: 

It is so serene and gorgeous, I want to be in that boat. 

And check out this shot from Arizona: 

See more amazing shots like this at:

Happy Wednesday! Keep finding the beauty that is all around us. 

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