Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sunny Saturday

It is a gorgeously sunny Saturday here in Portland. Wish I was feeling up to more than I am. Suddenly feeling as though one of the many things that are going around just might have caught up with me. I want to feel up to going for a hike, or going out to take some pictures or thoroughly cleaning and reorganizing at least one room in my house. I'll be lucky if I get to and through my self-defense course I'm scheduled for today and then bed. 

I have managed to muster enough energy to snap a few pictures of what things are like around our house today. Give you all a small glimpse into my world. Trust me, you probably don't want a big glimpse. Too wide an angle on this camera and you'd get to see all the piles of clothes and things that need de-cluttering! 

See if you do it just right (careful of the angle and all), you'll see a lovely and pretty clean looking living room: 

I do however want to hang that leaves photo on that space of yellow wall soon rather than "leaving" it (get it) on the mantel. 

Otherwise, however from this photo, things are looking good. 

Yes it is very typical to find random Nerf guns without a proper home -- taking up space in a laundry basket, which is in turn living on a chair (who needs to sit down). You have no idea how many surfaces we can cover in a day thereby forcing us to sit anywhere else other than actually on the chairs in our living room. 
Of course there are several ways to think 
this. Who needs to worry about how comfortable a chair may be when it will house various backpacks, Nerf toys and clothing? 

All these chairs normally have to do it look good and be prepared to hold up various accoutrements of daily life! 

I guess I'd like them to be actual chairs that we sit in more often but probably not so much today except the one in the top photo -- it is ready to go unless of course we figure out something to clutter it with. 

And despite the fact that it is 11:00 a.m., I am still in my robe! I may not be on my game today, but check out Olivia, the ever vigilant guard dog looking for anyone or anything she can use as an excuse to bark. 

And yes that's me outside in my front yard in the glorious autumn sun ... in my bathrobe ... snapping the pic! 

Frankly the we both look a bit ghostly in this particular shot. 

Watch out Kim Kardashian! I'm making a fashion statement on this laid back Saturday -- or NOT! 

And last but not least in this glimpse of our world today, is this photo that seems to show not only some semblance of tidiness (but if you look super close also clutter), but more importantly an empty wall! This wall normally holds our Advent calendars when we get to that point but of course it is too early for that. For now, I believe it needs a little something to spice it up and I have an idea. 

For now it will remain an idea because I'm feeling frumpy but I'm hoping by posting this to motivate myself to create something for that spot to share with you soon (maybe tomorrow on Studio Sunday)!? 

What would you put in this spot if you were decorating? Do tell ... share a comment. 


  1. Oh I need to do some major de-cluttering. I've done a bit but have LOTS more to do. Just a little bit at a time adds up - but when I look at the big picture - sometimes I get discouraged and don't even get a little bit done. You've encouraged me to tackle some things today!!

  2. Thanks for the comment and good for you Kerri -- I shall probably live vicariously through you unless my self-defense class and/or some Airborne gets my energy up!