Thursday, October 10, 2013

What a Shot Wednesday - Thursday Edition

Today my "What a Shot Wednesday" shot of my own happens to be six shots recently taken in Florence, Oregon. I am debating which, if any, to put in my shop. I am thinking I might put some "collections" in there such as the Florence, Oregon collection and sell them individually and/or in a set (although six seems too many for a set to me). 

Happy for your feedback on this idea and/or which photo you'd like to see for sale in the shop, if you have an opinion. 

As for other great shots to share today, I stumbled across this gorgeous autumn leaf photo by French photographer Kiki Plumier:

Kiki's photo reminds me a bit of this one I took in my office parking lot a while back but different. Water is a never ending source of great reflection photos. And now since this What a Shot Wednesday posting is actually happening on a Thursday (my girl needed great comfort from Mama for an upset stomach), ENJOY! And if you love my autumnal leaf reflection, it will be available in the shop again shortly in this section:

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