Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What a shot Wednesday

Sorry I haven't posted since Sunday but to be honest life has gotten in the way. I did want to at least check in and share a shot or two today. 

So here goes... For some reason today, this is the shot that speaks to me.

Florence, Oregon - Bridge at Night

Big Sur at Sunset
 Maybe it is because life seems like a blur with children... they are in kindergarten one day and the next it seems they are growing a bit of a mustache or getting their period. Sheesh. Maybe it is because my life feels all chaotic and blurry and unclear right now. Not sure why exactly, but this is my shot for the day. 

And a shot from a photo blog I have found and will visit often for inspiration, Stuck in Customs by photographer Trey Ratcliff. This is just one of many amazing photos of places around the world. I wouldn't mind being in Big Sur right about now. 

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