Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Couple More Goodies

I just couldn't pass up this totally retro tea cup (it now inhabits a shelf of my favorite things above my desk).

And this sunny serving bowl and plate (they tell me they are collectible but who really knows -- I just loved the warm feel).

Mind you today's goals were to clean and organize the house (oops not much got done on that front although we did drop off a HUGE box of toys to the Good Will). When I had to get out of the house and take a Mama time out away from my lovely little ones, my goal was to find organizing stuff (baskets and bins) and/or a dresser or new bed for my daughter but alas the yard sale faeries weren't looking over me today -- they were probably trying to tell me to go home and clean up! Ciao for now. Soon starts another week. Posted by Picasa

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