Saturday, August 19, 2006

The List Goes On

So hopefully and finally here is the platter in question.

I also fell in love with this pitcher. The wooden fork somehow found its way home with us in our bag of old fashioned metal cookie cutters (can you say more homemade doggie biscuits?)... the dog days of Summer are looking up for one white lab.

Why I fell for this pitcher I'm not quite sure -- something about these little flowers that did it. I love their simplicity, their sweetness - alone down there on the bottom of the pitcher. Zen really.

And then there's my pitcher for serving milk with tea or coffee on those myriad days I entertain in such a way. Hmmmmm. Probably never gonna use it but it sure is pretty and handmade in Canada apparently.

I also found a hand mixer which fascinates my kids and a donut baking pan -- where was that 3 years ago when I wanted to make donuts for my son's birthday brunch?

It truly is the little things that make us the most happy. Getting back to basics makes me feel more content and happy. How about you?

For those Mamas out there looking for a sweet and simple book for their little people to talk about the goodness of less (which I know seems ironic given all the goodies I brought into my home environment today), check out "Just Enough and Not Too Much" by Kaethe Zemach. It's the story of Simon the fiddler who has a cozy little house and everything he needs until one day he thinks he needs more. Trust me on this one. The moral of the story is a good one.

And in terms of my plethora of purchases today, know that I WILL be doing a major clear out of children's unplayed with toys and other items around here that come to no good use and more often than not inhabit our floors. Happy bargain hunting and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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