Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Finds

After having a week where not much seemed to go right and after seeing fabulous finds on other mamablogs, I charged out with my little ones (they each had $3.00 to spend and no more) to see what finds we could find and oh boy did we find!

While this would seem far from exciting to most, I was thrilled to find this little red stapler. It's Swingline, it's probably a bazillion years old and it still works great! We've gone through at least 3 staplers in the last few months -- all plastic and all broken or jammed and useless within days of purchase. Gotta love the real (non-plastic) materials. This little red baby of mine is solid and made in America no less! Aaahh back in the days when this country actually made something.

The kids got an awesome cash register (no brand name fast food chains attached) which will even help teach my son math which he is already starting on his own and very excited about. Speaking of math, for about .25 cents I found this awesome platter which just might look fabulous in our bedroom when I finally paint it the terra cotta color I've been dreaming about. By the way, just to prove the kind of week it's been... Every time I try to post the picture of my platter, along with all the others... it disappears?! What's up with that?

But I digress... back to the bargains.

My kids also found a miniature putt-putt golf set they can both play with inside or out. Better yet we ran into a friend of a friend who sold us a fabulous bike for my daughter (with an old-time metal bell I must say) and even sold us the bell off another bike for my son (he's SOOOOO excited).

Back to me and my finds (because we know how important it is to keep Mama happy). Even though we've all seen them, I fell in love with this green tint canning jar.

Which looks even better filled with the 24 rainbow pens I found (somehow ours always walk away - more sneaky than socks). By the way, the pens were also made in this country! Woo hoo - I just love things made in the old days, including an extremely solid metal and wood push mower we got today for just $10.00 to replace our broken one.

Believe it or not there's more. Back in a minute...if you choose to indulge me.

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