Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Feeling a little better

So my office mate was kind enough to share the messy corners of her house. This looks a lot like our kitchen before my hubbie cleaned it aggressively - again.

This one is my favorite however. Several tables in our home get close to this but not quite... and amazingly enough these folks don't even have kids - yet. Just wait 'til these piles are accompanied by sticky little finger prints and tons of tiny toys! Can't wait :-)

Thanks for sharing Karen... your bravery has put you out WAY ahead of the pack in terms of that great prize (can you say Starbucks?). I'm gonna go attempt once again to clean and organize a bit -- oh yes -- and feed, cloth and entertain my kids. Ciao for now. Posted by Picasa


  1. There - doesn't everyone feel better about how their houses look now? This, I believe, is my purpose in life. Making everyone else feel neat and organized!

  2. It is good to have a purpose in life. I have too many to mention. As a Mama who used to believe I was somewhat organized however, I will strongly suggest you use this time pre-baby/toddler/young'in(s) to figure out some places for your things to live (at least the ones that could be sucked on, swallowed or chewed up by little people). You'll probably go through a nesting phase and that will help as well. I've got a bunch of plastic containers you could possibly have although I should probably use them to organize the basement etc. I'd also be happy to join you in perusing Storables, yard sales, estate sales, office depot and the like for organizing items... even if you don't buy, it sure if fun to imagine what could be!

  3. Ooh - I do need a yard sale buddy. Someone who's actually good at it - I think I've only been to four in my life and I find all the boring ones...

    We got pretty good at picking stuff up when the pups were going through their chewing phases (which haven't EXACTLY ended, but fortunately they've pretty much restricted themselves to junk mail at this point!).