Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I double dog dare ya

Anyone who's got a great photo of a messy corner of their house, I dare you to send it to me (with your permission I'll even post it to my blog -- or not)! Send your photos to s2indy@yahoo.com. I'll send a gift (don't know what yet) to the one that actually makes me feel better about the current state of my abode. By the way, I have a plan of attack but I'll discuss that in a later post. Send pics please - share!


  1. I'll break out the camera when I get home! Of course I did three loads in the dishwasher this weekend, so the kitchen will be about 110% improved from this time last week (which, when you see it, won't be saying much!).

  2. test...


  3. Nope, didn't work!