Sunday, September 10, 2006

Girl talk

Girl quote of the day, "Next time, I want a penis."

Has she already figured out at such a tender age that women get short shrift in this society or is it just more fun to have something you can see rather than something you cannot? Maybe she realizes just how powerful she is but senses that without the add-on, others may not see it as quickly... hmmm.


  1. Anonymous9/11/2006

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  2. Anonymous9/11/2006

    So I can comment as anonymous but not as myself. VERY INTERESTING, BLOGGER!


  3. Anonymous9/11/2006

    And now, for my comment. I'm going to guess she has no idea about how women are treated differently than men in this society. I'm going to guess it's because the grass is always greener...

  4. You are probably right ... plus then she could pee standing up and outside more easily!

  5. Anonymous9/11/2006

    Peeing standing up - now THAT would be an improvement!!!