Monday, September 11, 2006

Day tripping

Now here's a trip... Who knew that it can be fun to take the bus? I sure didn't -- have avoided it like the plague for years. Now however, in an effort to be more environmentally concious, I've been trying to take the bus with the kids when I can muster energy and have a little extra time -- most often that is the weekends. We've had great adventures and the kids LOVE IT!

On our most recent bus trip, we were lucky enough to find these wonderful lady bug rainboots along our route and they fit the girl perfectly ... for just $1.00! Can't beat that deal.

Like many families, we have two cars. And like many folks these days, we are trying to think about replacing one of those cars with something more eco friendly (and less gas guzzling) but what can we afford? I'd personally love to get a hybrid but even used ones aren't cheap -- yet. Better even, I'd be thrilled to drive one of those funny looking electric cars but they are even less affordable as far as I can figure it -- unless you can wait a few months and you live in India! So instead, we've been looking at biodiesel-ready used cars which are more in our price range but I'm a little concerned about just what's involved... with our packed schedule, I fear my visions of us sweating over a hot strainer of used restaurant veggie oil in our garage late at night after putting the kids to bed. Hmmm. So for now, we drive what we've got, carpool to school and take that bus whenever we can.

Speaking of the bus... the boy has shown a real interest in taking photos (especially with my expensive digital camera) and took this shot of our bus approaching! Love the angle. Well... gotta leave for the girl's first day of preschool soon, so I'd better go. No doubt there'll be more stories to tell later. See you on the bus!

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  1. Anonymous9/13/2006

    Happy first day of school to the girl!!!

    I've seen biodesil for sale at a few gas stations around town (of course I can't remember where now, except the one in Linnton, over on Highway 30) - maybe you can find one in your area?