Friday, September 22, 2006

Going with the flow

When you are a mama, I find you've got to learn how to go with the flow. Best laid plans and all that. Today was supposed to (in my mind anyway) be all about making crayon cupcakes and homemade pretzels with my little ones (a very Great Turning, Great Mama kinda day). Instead we have ended up with extended playground playtime, macaroni & cheese dinner and a couple of G-rated kid video rentals (not ideal). I keep swearing I'm going to lock up the TV's in this house for an extended period of time but when I'm sick, that's just not the time. Can you see my struggle here -- between what you think you want/your goals of how your home life should be and reality as it currently is... just ... gotta ... keep ... trying...

Back to getting my groove back. I gotta say thanks SO much to all the fabulous folks who've taken the time to share their 2 cents worth! You rule and you're groovy too. I'm gonna try a little bit of all your suggestions (or at least give it my best shot). The groove was helped a wee bit yesterday by this great inexpensive girlie purse find (kinda wish it was mine).

And blowing (and catching) bubbles with the girl! Bubbles rule. The world needs more bubbles - I once saw bubbles coming out of someone's car as they drove down the road (don't try this at home -- or try this all the time but just have your passenger be in charge of the bubbles while you drive responsibly or vice versa). Happy weekend and keep groovin'.


  1. Tracking back from your comment on my blog!

    We love bubbles, must go and blow some......

  2. Bubbles do rule! Great girlie purse find, too - that thing is CUTE!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get your groove back!

  3. Bubbles SO absolutely do rule. Hope you get your groove back and your relaxation Karen... ENJOY and glad to hear from you.