Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mama math

Add some more bubbles, several extra deep breaths of cool crisp morning air, a good cup of coffee and some gorgeous works of art (otherwise known as crayon cupcakes), start getting a mama groove back...

Add six thousand three hundred forty seven 3-year old tantrums and things start to get a little funky:

Throw in finding a pair of cute shoes and one decent sweater for $10, sprinkled with a touch of Pirate Partying under a bridge and you are up and running in the right direction again...

Until a bee sting (under my arm OWWW), kids who want to do ANYTHING but see the band you SO enjoy, a beer garden where you cannot be since you have said kids, and a few more tantrums... and you arrive pretty much back at square one. Match point. Let's try again tomorrow.


  1. Rebecca9/24/2006

    Those cupcakes look fantastic - a real blast of colour. I have tons of old crayons, how do you make the cupcakes?

  2. Really easy actually... peel paper off crayons where needed, break up big crayons and then fill up your non-stick cupcake pan with them. "Bake" at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Let them cool (fridge or freezer works well) and they should pop out easily in no time.

  3. hi, sorry that i'm just getting over here to check out your blog. love that photo of the st johns bridge!

    i saw your post on biodiesel and i wanted to let you know that it actually is really easy. we have a 70s mercedes that we run on biodiesel and hope to trade our minivan for another mercedes soon. all you need is a car with a diesel engine (could be an old car like ours or a new one like a jetta). no conversion is necessary, just pull up to one of the many biodiesel stations around town and fill up. if you're traveling and biodiesel is not available, just switch back to regular diesel, no problem.

    have a great week!

  4. Love the cupcakes!

    Sounds like a balanced day... :-)

    Sorry it didn't work out better for you! Ouch about the bee sting. Hope it's feeling better!

  5. I like your blog. Your pictures really add a lot. I'm interested in your idea of "The Great Turning"

  6. You can read more about The Great Turning in several places: David C. Korten's book: The Great Turning From Empire to Earth Community, in YES Magazine online at or on Joanna Macy's website at