Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Welcome back mama

For those who pay attention to this blog, I've been out sick for about 5 days - ugh. Not e-coli, just a nasty cold/stomach flu kinda thing. Now I feel like a bit of a newcomer, being thrown in, trying to figure out what's going on and what's my part in it. Today, my rousing welcome back includes:

  • putting out the garbage and recycling (that didn't find its way out last night),
  • making two decent healthy breakfasts for my kidlets (oh and me too),
  • getting not just one but two lunches prepared and ready to go for the wee ones,
  • being designated carpool driver,
  • making sure the check and order form for school photos gets to the boys class,
  • making sure that same boy is wearing something decent for his pictures,
  • looking for the boy's missing laptop lunchbox in the lost and found at school,
  • getting to the girl's preschool QUICK to set up for my first parent helping day!!!
Welcome back to the world Mama. Wake up!

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