Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun Friday

Fun Friday at school is my son's favorite. The teacher brings in her dog and they get to play more games and have a bit less school work (of course it is even more fun when Dad skips making lunch and let's little Mr. have a second hot lunch at school for the week).

This Friday I continued an experiment I've been trying on the couple of mornings I work and then have the kids for the rest of the day by my lonesome. The experiment is this... I scan the radio dial on my
morning commute and listen only to songs that feel upbeat or happy or frankly that I just LOVE... My "Kickstart to Happiness" Radio Playlist for yesterday morning's Fun Friday commute included the following:
  • "Good Vibrations" - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  • "All Star" - Smash Mouth
  • "Rio" - Duran Duran (Any true fan will tell you this song is not their favorite)
  • "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" - KT Tunstall
  • "Baby Hold On" – Eddie Money
  • "What Have You Done for Me Lately" – Janet Jackson (Back when she was cute)
  • "Whisper To A Scream" – Icicle Works (arguably one of the best most perfectionistic bands and best songs EVER!)
  • "Honkey Cat" – Elton John (How can you not enjoy a song where you get to sing Honkey Cat?! And the lyric "A Change is gonna do me good" - ahhh ain't that the truth!).
And speaking of changes... the leaves are all but gone from our trees and piled up in our yard and Thanksgiving is next week!

The kidlets had big changes last week as they finally got hair cuts and look adorable -- the boy with a short cut (albeit not the mohawk he originally suggested) and the girl with a sassy (and much less tangle inducing) bob-like style. I'd LOVE to share some of my pics of them with their new do's but feel trepidatious. I'll be sharing them with friends and family if I haven't already. I also want to figure out ways to start sharing more of my photos with the world (such as selling them as photo cards and/or my services as a kid portrait photographer) but with all the changes we've got going on right now that may have to wait.

Back to our family changes... While the kids are looking cuter than ever, they (and us parents) all managed our own individual meltdowns this past week. Mine included a gallon of milk put down just a little too hard on the counter and gushing like Niagra Falls onto the floor.

Our cat and dog have never been happier! I however realized (with an out of body experience) just how silly it is to get upset with our children for doing the things that kids just do. And so, once the absurdity of the moment had passed (and the milk was cleaned up), I got back to thinking about some positive changes...

I'm back to doing more diaphramatic breathing and practicing my humorous comebacks (think Erma, think Bombeck). It goes something like this:

Kid: "Mom I hate you!"

Mom: "Oh honey that's too bad because I LOVE you!"

Mama had a little help making changes from the "lock up the TV fairy" who came one day. To my amazement, the kids barely even noticed and when they did they were easily distracted by other fun activities.

I tried to get back to exercising but other than the one day I did it in the dark (while the kids believed Dad's story that I was already at work), it was a resounding failure. The earlier I got up, the earlier the kids did as well. Aargh.

And so the next time I'm adding the gazillionith item to one of my kids Christmas Wish Lists (they'd better wish REALLY REALLY hard), I'm going to add the following to mine:
  • A big thick daily planner large enough to include EVERYTHING we do
  • An exercise video I can do while kids are awake without them being able to watch TV
  • A little more patience
  • The sense of humor it seems I used to have
  • A maid and a cook (I'm gonna have to wish REALLY REALLY hard)!
What's on your mama (or dada) wish list this year? Let me know -- sometimes I have a bit of an "in" with the old Santa Man!

PS ... don't tell my kids that sometimes Santa shops on Craigslist! :)


  1. Hmmm...I'd like Santa to bring me a million dollars and a baby. Not necessarily in that order. Think he can manage that???

    Seriously, though, this year's list is full of the usual kitchen gadgetry, craft stuff I have the best intentions of using, things like that.

    Oh, and the hubby wants to actually SHOP for me this year. Should I be afraid?????

  2. On the news last night I heard that families will spend an average of $800 on Christmas this year and up to $100 for themselves. I just bought my first laptop and cell phone and hope to get a camera by Christmas so I suspect I'll hit the $800 just for me.

    Thank goodness the cats are happy with catnip and the dog is good with a bow and some wrapping paper.

  3. Let's see, I'd like Santa to bring me a decent boss that knows what he/she is doing.

    Or a trip to the beach with JUST my husband and kids, no other relatives.

    Barring either of those, a digital camera and a ton of chocolate will do.