Monday, November 20, 2006

Dancing with who?

O.K. I realize that the BIG finale of "Dancing with the Stars" has come and gone. To be honest, I guess I could say I'm happy with the outcome. It is always nice when the traditionally handsome younger guy doesn't run away with the honors... but hey I have a seriously serious question to ask.

Am I the ONLY ONE in all of America that thinks this is about the dumbest show I've ever seen?!

I watched a few minutes of it once just to be certain. I didn't want to diss on something I've never even laid my eyes on. So I did it... and I mean really?!#?! Doesn't anyone else notice that pretty much every "star" on there is either a has-been or a never-was or a what-have-they-done-lately?

As someone's Yiddish Grandma would say, "Oy, oy, oy already."

I confess to having watched "American Idol" last season. We even cheered for certain contestants (and pretended to call and vote for Taylor since our son wanted him to win but had to go to bed at a decent hour). And even though there are plenty of cheesy embarassing bits on that show, "Dancing with the Stars" has it completely beat.

Oh well... for today that is my 2 cents worth. I feel a bit better. I've wanted to get that off my chest for just about forever. Now I'm gonna go watch "It's Thanksgiving Charlie Brown" with my kids. It may not be fine art, but it's better than that other show.

Hey! I've got an idea. Maybe next season, they can do "Dancing with the Cartoons!" It worked for Bing Crosby!

Can anyone name the movie where he danced with a famous mouse?


  1. I only watched it long enough to confirm my suspicion that Jerry Springer can't dance...

    honestly, as much of a reality junkie as I am, I have to admit that most of them are the dumbest things on television! It started with Bachelorettes in Alaska...and it all went downhill from there!

  2. Yes, well, that was the joke last wek or so( I can't remmeber who said it)

    Name a star on the show " Dancing with the stars".

    Its a trick question, there are no stars!!