Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gotta laugh

Sometimes despite our frustrations, as a parent you've just gotta laugh. For example on nights like this, when:

- Your daughter refuses to get out of the tub... but she's willing to bring the cat in with her (hint... if you ever notice your cat's tail dripping, your kid may be involved),

- Your family room floor looks this (and more Legos are coming - don't tell),

And you find your cat on the dining room table (the bath tub incident must have left her parched).

Well... at least the Christmas lights are already up and I didn't have to do it! I can take comfort in that, enjoy listening to The Cinnamon Bear radio show with my kids as we get our pajamas on and get ready to snuggle together for Charlie Brown's Christmas. How are you enjoying the holiday season this year whatever you may celebrate?


  1. Yay for Cinnamon Bear! Great show!

    I'm jealous because you get to put up Christmas lights. Hubby says no way...

  2. Judi Webb11/30/2006

    Sue! I don't know many people who listen to the Cinnamon Bear, or know what it is!
    We have had old cassettes for about 15 years, very worn out! Tom found the episodes remastered from "Radio Archives" on CD, and they are great! We listen to one episode a night with dinner!

  3. How are we celebrating...by watching way too much tv. Last night it was Miracle on 34th Street, one of my favorites! We also took advantage of a rare snowfall (really an icefall with a dusting of snow!) to go sledding on some wicked hills. We made awesome ice forts. And we celebrate St. Nick's Day Wednesday. We never used to celebrate it, but I did it one year as a joke with my father-in-law. He's of almost 100% Irish descent and I wanted to show him that us Germans have some good things, too. We've celebrated it ever since. The kids like the preview of Christmas and I like an excuse to dive into some Christmas candy!

    I took German my last year of high school and Frau Dietz (remember her?) made us all take off our shoes on St. Nick's Day and watch a movie in another room. She filled our shoes with candy and hollered out "Ach du lieber, come back to the classroom quickly because St. Nick just came." What a character!