Thursday, December 28, 2006

Keep dancing

Happy New Year 2007
Here's hoping it's a good one...

I haven't a clue where life is taking us with the new year, but I'm going to try this month to gather my strength to be ready for whatever it may be. I've got tons of things I'd like to turn into New Year's resolutions:
  • Clean the basement,
  • Keep the house clean,
  • Get our finances in order,
  • Clean and organize my office,
  • Start a publication about sustainability,
  • Start selling my photographs as portraits or cards,
  • Have a real garden which can feed my family,
  • Be prepared for world disasters,
  • Stay calm,
  • Exercise regularly,
  • Get a maid and/or a part-time nanny,
  • Visit my brother in Brooklyn,
  • Have a happy, "normal" family life...

But in the interest of my sanity and the last bullet point above, I'm going to refrain from too many resolutions, except to do whatever it takes to make our kids and our family strong this year, laying a foundation for all that comes after. Even though some days you just want to quit, you gotta keep dancing (for everyone you love) until you get it just right. As someone once said, the show must go on. And so... Happy New Year to you. Please share any great resolutions you want to here... I'd love to know what other folks are resolving to accomplish in this 2007th year!


  1. Well, I'm going to get my house clean. And attempt to keep it that way (no small feat!).

    That's about all I'm ready to attempt this year. I'm feeling tired... :-)

  2. pinkmohair1/02/2007

    It's funny, girls...lots of us seem to want to keep our houses clean and get more organized. It's kind of hard when as soon as we put things away the rugrats pull other stuff out again! I defintely don't want to be a nagging/yelling mommy but it's hard! If you have a personal favorite organizing/cleaning tip, please leave it for others to read on my blog (several posts down.) I'd really appreciate it! The Ziploc one is my favorite.