Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rocky returns

For all of you who are waiting on pins and needles.... Christmas morning was a big success. Santa did well. The morning was filled with lots of "Oh Man!," "Dude!," "Did Santa bring that for me?," and arms thrust directly into the air with such fervor that I could just hear the "Rocky" theme cueing up in the background.
Unfortunately it has also been a bit of a tough week with some raging incidents and emotions around the house are running high (when it isn't calm and playful and loving all 'round)... so I wanted to share a Mama/Son moment from earlier in the week (before Christmas):
Mama is in the bathroom spending a last few minutes of getting ready for work before attempting to get the kids in the car for the trip to meet Dad. Boy comes round the corner and points the dreaded finger gun at Mama. Mama feels and no doubt looks immediately exasperated but before she can muster a "can we not do that right now," boys says with feeling, "But Mom - it's a TICKLE gun!"
It was a sweet moment and a solid reminder that sometimes a toy is just a toy and sometimes even things that can make us adults uncomfortable, can be an excellent way for our children to connect - with us!
Happy Christmas Wrapup 2006! More soon...


  1. To paraphrase "A Christmas Story"...

    "Santa came...and all was right with the world."

  2. A tickle gun?! That is the sweetest!