Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lost it

O.K. so it's not what you might think. I've just realized that somewhere along the way, I lost my sense of humor.

It must have been between giving birth and today.

I see glimpses of it, but frankly not often enough, and not for enough time to keep a hold on it. Wherever my sense of humor has gone, it is inevitably hanging out with some dusty old socks who are missing their partners, "Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon" (and he may have at some point shortly after entering our house) and the book the main library was silly enough to lend us called, "It's The Bear."

Maybe if we ever locate all the above, we'll find them hanging out with my pre-Mama mid-section, my wedding gift sapphire earrings and my sanity!

If you see any of these items, could you give me a shout?


  1. Judi Webb12/14/2006

    Well, a sense of humor is the only thing that gets us through this life, isn't it?

    My mother, who has experienced heart attacks, cancer, the death of her husband, and near fatal pneumonia still makes jokes, and sees the bright side of things.

    Tuesday, I was at her doctor's office with her. She stood on the scale, and when her weight came in at 86.5 pounds, she said, " Well, at least I weigh more than Nicole Richie!".

    See, there is always a positive!

  2. Judi - your Mom sounds great. No doubt her sense of humor has helped her in so many ways. More power to her! She sounds like a blast.